Your home's foundation is the sturdy base that your entire living space is built upon. Your foundation can change over time due to your home settling, ground shifting underneath you, and even the age of your property. At times, foundation repair is needed to help keep your home in the best possible shape, and it's up to you as a homeowner to know what the signs of a failing foundation are. Learn how to check for issues with your home's foundation, so you can get repair as quickly as possible.

Cracks in Your Walls or Ceilings

Those small hairline cracks that you are noticing in your walls and ceiling are signs of your foundation settling. The dirt that your foundation lies on shifts and gives under your home's weight, causing your home to shift in response. Not all of your home shifts in the same direction, and even a minute change in weight bearing can cause these tiny cracks to appear. If you only notice these cracks as a minor cosmetic annoyance in your home but don't notice any other foundational issues, then you can leave this slight settling sign alone. If these cracks are happening near doors and windows, however, you may have a foundation problem on your hand.

Doors That Won't Close

When your doors were installed in your home, they were fit snugly in the proper frame so they could open and close with ease. If you suddenly find that your doors won't close, have wide gaps from the floor to the bottom of the door, or that they don't seem to shut as soundly as they used to, a foundation issue is likely to blame. This is especially true if your doors used to close snugly and now you are suddenly having issues with them.

Water Issues Around Your Home's Exterior

When you have foundation problems, you may notice uneven patches of soft soil and wet, squishy grass all around the outside of your home. This is often caused by clay deposits in your soil pushing water to the surface as your home sinks into the soft foundation it's resting in. This uneven marsh-like surface is a telltale sign that your foundation is in trouble, and you should have your foundation inspected and repaired right away. 

When you notice any of these key warning signs of foundation issues, call a foundation repair expert (such as Eco-Seal Home Solutions) immediately so you can take care of your home's problems before they get worse. The sooner you handle any foundation problems you have, the safer your home will be.