Stop and think about how many times each year you actually use your dining room. Do you have small children in the house who take over the space when it is not in use? You can have a kid-friendly dining room that is easily transformed into the formal dining room you want to use for special occasions. Here, you will learn how to set up your dining room so that your kids have a play space in a room that typically remains empty for much of the year.

Protect the Furniture

Your dining room table can quickly get damaged if you do not protect it from the projects your kids will complete on it. Have a sheet of tempered glass cut to fit the table-top so that you can cover the wood when it is not being used for a fancy dinner.

Use Decorative Storage

Using your dining room for both a child's play space and your formal dining area can be a lot of work if you have to haul out all of the kids' stuff so that you can dine without being stared at by alien robots and creepy dolls. Use decorative baskets on beautiful shelving units to store the kids' belongings. This way, you can hide away your kids toys without taking away from the look during dinners.

Display the Artwork

The artwork that your kids make in your dining must be displayed, but how do you do it without messing up the walls in the room? You get creative yourself! Use the removable hooks to run yarn or twine across the wall. Then, hang the artwork using clothespins or paper clips. When you expect company, the hooks, yarn, and artwork can quickly be taken down and placed somewhere out of sight.

Buy a Privacy Screen

Small kids love ride on toys, but it can be difficult to find a place to store them in the house. Instead of scrambling to remove all of the larger toys from the room when company is coming, buy a privacy screen that can be positioned in the corner to hide all of the big toys. With so many gorgeous styles of privacy screens available, your guests may not even know that you are using it to hide toys in the room that they are dining in. It can be a beautiful addition to the rest of the décor in the room.

Do not waste space in your home. The living room is rarely used and offers space where family and friends can coexist. Meanwhile, the rest of your home is overrun with toys, art supplies and items that could easily be stored and enjoyed in your dining room. For more organization and decorative items, look into a furniture store like North Carolina Furniture & Mattress.