If you are thinking about investing in a biomass furnace or have already had one installed, these furnaces need to have regular maintenance done to them. Some of the maintenance that you will need to do to these furnaces includes cleaning ash and the blower. Doing these things will ensure that your furnace works efficiently and that you do not have any problems with your furnace when you need it. Here are four things that you will want to know about the maintenance and upkeep of your pellet furnace:

1. Checking The Fuel Feed System Regularly

There are many different types of fuel feeding systems used for pellet boilers, which usually have an auger that feeds the pellet fuel to the furnace. If the storage unit is lower than the furnace, it is important to make sure that the pellet is being fed properly. The storage should be full and there should be no voids in the pellet. This can cause the furnace to not get adequately full, which can cause it to not work properly or shut off.

2. Making Adjustments When New Fuel Is Used

With biomass fuels, different materials have different moisture content. This can affect the performance of your furnace. Some fuels may need to have more fuel to start the furnace, and during the operation cycle, they may need more air. Other fuels may need less, which is why every time you change the fuel material, you will want to make adjustments on the control panel of your furnace. If you are not sure about making the adjustments, this is something that a furnace repair service, such as A Bailey Plumbing, will be able to help you with.

3. Cleaning The Fire Chamber And Blower

With biomass furnaces, you also have a fire chamber or box where the fuel materials are burned. Ash will build up here and need to be cleaned regularly. Depending on the use of your heating, you may need to clean the fire chamber more often. When you do this, you will also need to clean the blower and ignition system, as well as the exhaust pipes for your furnace. This will ensure that your furnace is working efficiently, and that ash and soot buildup do not affect the airflow of your furnace.

These are some of the things that you will want to know about the maintenance of your furnace. If you need help with any of the maintenance or repairs to your pellet furnace, contact a furnace repair contractor and they will be able to do these things for you.