Having a fence installed is a task that many homeowners will need to have done one day. However, people often make the mistake of assuming that a fence installation is a simple task with few factors that will need to be considered. Unfortunately, this is incorrect, and there are many things that you must consider when performing this type of upgrade to your property. Realizing that the following two myths are incorrect may help you better appreciate the sizable challenges that you must face. 

Myth: Fence Installations Pose No Risk To Underground Utility Lines

While most homeowners are aware of the possibility of numerous utility lines running underground their properties, they may assume that a fence installation will not harm these buried lines. Sadly, this is incorrect, and it is possible for substantial damage to be done to these lines while this work is being done. 

This damage can occur during the phase of the installation where post holes are dug. A powerful machine is usually used to create the holes, but these machines can easily rupture underground pipes or cables. To avoid this type of accidental damage, you should always obtain a report from the local zoning department that outlines the location of the various utility lines on your property. 

Myth: There Are No Limits On How Tall The Fence Can Be

Another common idea says that homeowners can build their fences to any height that they desire. While this may often be the case, it is important to note that you may be subject to limitations on the maximum height of your fence. 

These rules are often put into place by homeowners' associations and local governments. While rules limiting the height of a fence may seem unnecessary, they serve a vital function for your neighbors. These rules are designed to ensure that you can not obstruct someone else's view from their home. For the exact rules that govern your property, you will need to check with your homeowners' association and the local permitting department, and these professionals will be able to provide you with the information you need to make sure that your new fence complies with all applicable rules. 

If you are considering having a fence installed around your yard (from professionals such as those from Four Corners Fencing), it is vital to understand that these two myths should not be believed. In addition to leaving to accidental damage to underground utility lines, believing these ideas can also lead to you accidentally violate zoning ordinances for your property, but dispelling these notions will help you avoid these unfortunate outcomes.