If the bar in your open-concept kitchen is a little higher than most, you and your interior designer might have a hard time finding barstools that allow a person to sit comfortably at the bar. However, instead of wasting your time shopping around with no results, you can make your barstools taller by adding wheels to the bottom. All you need to do is schedule a few hours out of your day to complete this project and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Purchase Some Supplies and Tools

You'll need a few items to get started on this project. So, grab your wallet and head to the home improvement store to pick up the following:

  • 4 wheels/casters for each barstool
  • a small drill bit
  • drill
  • construction glue
  • hammer

Step 2: Select a Secure Area to Work

Choose a space that you can install the wheels onto the barstools easily. The space should be flat and sturdy so you can perform the next steps with little stress on the body or mishaps with the wood.

Lay the barstool on its side on your chosen workspace.

Step 3: Drill Small Holes in the Bottom of the Legs

Insert the drill bit into the drill and center the bit on the bottom of the barstool leg. Drill a small hole into the wood. You only need to drill in about a half an inch or so, but you do need to make sure the hole is there so that you don't crack the wood when you insert the wheel.

Repeat this on all four of the barstool's legs.

Step 4: Attach the Wheels

Add a little bit of construction glue to the post of the wheel. Set the end of the post on the drilled hole in the leg and hold it with one hand. Grab the hammer with the other hand and tap the bottom of the wheel to push the post into the hole.

Tap lightly several times until the post reaches the end of the hole. Then tap a little harder until the post is no longer visible, but still all the way in the leg of the barstool.

Repeat this step for all four legs of the barstool, and then perform all these steps on every barstool you need to be taller.

Give the glue a little time to set up so that the wheels have a more solid connection to the legs. Set the barstools up in the position you want them. Ask your interior designer for help if you have any problems with these steps. (For more information, contact Jackson Interior Design & Furnishing Company or another company)