For many home owners, finding ways to maximize the enjoyment of all of your available space can be a real challenge. Many people are experienced and talented at enhancing the interior of their homes, but improving their patios to a condition where others will be impressed and comfortable seems more difficult. The first step, however, is to make sure the space is well lit.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of installing decorative hanging lanterns made from copper in your patio or garden. These strong, vibrant, beautiful pieces will allow you to use your space all through the night while simultaneously providing a dignified look that will truly enhance your enjoyment of your home:

Low Maintenance

While other types of hanging lanterns, such as paper, have been popular for long periods of time, maintaining them can become a real chore. When you install a light fixture on your patio, it needs to be resilient and able to withstand the challenges of the elements. Copper lanterns can easily meet those needs.

As copper is exposed to the outdoors, rather than growing weaker and rusted, it naturally oxidizes and fortifies itself. It also develops a patina that will make your lanterns appear well loved and dignified, lending an air of sophistication to your decorations.

Unique Appearance

Copper is a metal that is rarely confused with other types of materials. Rather than choosing imitation brass plating or brushed nickel that will eventually lose its luster, copper fixtures will be able to maintain their shine and enhance their stability as time passes.

Copper lanterns can also be easily integrated into a broader design aesthetic. Whether you want to develop rustic surroundings or create a modern, smooth metal look, your copper lanterns will seamlessly integrate into your plan. This means that as you change your tastes and eventually redesign your patio, you can re-purpose your lanterns without them seeming out of place.

Environmental Sustainability

Some metals are in short supply and require a mining process that's extremely damaging to the earth. Neither of those things is true of copper, as it exists in abundance and can be relatively easily extracted. This will not only help to keep the price of your lanterns down, but will also allow you to feel environmentally conscious as you decorate your outside space. Your copper lanterns can, indeed, become a symbol of your commitment to enjoy your home while simultaneously protecting your environment.