One of the smartest remodels you can do in any home is to install new hardwood floors. Before you decide to invest in hardwood floors, you need to decide what type of floor is best for your property. The two most common types of hardwood floors are prefabricated floors and custom floors. Both can be great solutions for your home. This article will explain the main differences between the two:

Custom Floors

Custom hardwood floors are great for customers who have a larger budget. Custom floors are more expensive than most prefabricated floors because they are made out of solid wood planks and they need to be installed by professional installers.

Custom floors are made out of thicker, solid planks of hardwood. Some popular flooring woods are maple, birch, eucalyptus and walnut. Of course, you will want to choose a species that matches with the other wooden elements in your home.

One of the best things about custom hardwood floors is the fact that they can be refinished whenever you want. This means you can change the color and style of your floor when you update the style of your home. When you refinish your floor, you need to sand down the top layer. This will remove the old stain and reduce the height of the floor.

Prefabricated Floors

The main problem with prefabricated floors is the fact that you cannot refinish them because you cannot sand off the top layer. This means that you cannot change the style of your floor without changing it completely.

Many people are still interested in prefabricated floors because they are so much more affordable than most custom products. They are also nice if you are on a limited budget because you can install them on your own. You do not necessarily need to have a professional install prefabricated floors. By renting a few tools and enlisting the help of a few workers, you can install your own floor in just a couple days.

Most prefabricated flooring products are made out of wood planks that are layered. The layers of wood are glued together and the top layer is laminated. Only the top layer of wood is made out of hardwood. This laminated layer is extremely durable and easy to maintain. It does not need to be restained or sanded over the years.

No matter what type of hardwood floor you choose, both options will give your home a fresh, new look. To learn more, contact a company like Flooring Gallery.