With drought conditions around the country frequently in the news, a water fountain can seem like a guilty pleasure. These relaxing and beautiful water features can be a tremendous asset to the appearance of any yard, but they can also be wasteful with water and electricity. With a little extra effort this can be changed and a fountain can become, not just earth-friendly, but beneficial as well.

Purchase Responsible Fountains

If you are shopping for a fountain, consider the impact of each model. This means choosing outdoor water fountains for sale made from sustainable materials like bamboo, wood or stone. Also look for those that offer alternative power sources like a closed loop water system that recycles water, particularly one that has a solar powered pump for the circulation. Solar panels also make it possible to light up fountains after dark.

Make the Most of Nature

Rainwater harvesting is an easy way to conserve water. Even fountains with closed loop systems will need to be refilled occasionally because of the water lost during evaporation. A collection system will enable rainwater to be gathered and used over time. This method can be done by using rain barrels or a more elaborate trench-style collection system. Dig a trench in a low spot of the yard where water normally gathers. Follow by lining the trench with gravel and stones to retain the water. An additional pond liner can be used beneath the gravel if there is a concern that it could be absorbed too quickly. The accumulated water can then be used to water gardens and the yard as well as fill the fountain.

Look for Alternative Ideas

If your yard already contains a pond or pool, consider purchasing an alternative fountain. Different from the typical free-standing model, there are solar powered fountains that float in your existing feature and create a spray of water rather than a waterfall. These can be added to any pool or body of water, they are powered entirely by the solar panels on their surface and use only the water they are floating on for their spray.  

Water fountains themselves can be very beneficial to nature when they are used correctly. They provide a clean water source for birds and small animals. They offer a potential home for frogs and lizards and they are able to add humidity to the yard around them. This increased moisture level helps to keep the greenery around the fountain healthy and lush.