When you keep finding little bug bites on your body, you must figure out which type of pest is causing the problem. In some cases, these bites are small and red, but what you find around your home can help you figure out which pest is actually in your home. Once you know which type of pest you are dealing with, you can develop a plan for eradicating them.


The first sign of most bug bites are small red dots that itch. However, the location of the bites can help you identify the insect that is feeding on you.

Fleas for example, generally bite your legs, ankles and feet. The reason they bite these areas is that most fleas hide inside the fibers of your carpeting and jump onto you as you walk past. However, they will jump onto other areas such as your torso and arms if you sit on the ground.

Unfortunately, as the flea population grows, these pests really make their presence known. It is important to note that you do not have to have pets to get fleas into your home. Fleas fall off into the grass from most animals that live outdoors, and you can pick them up when you walk through your grass.

To deal with this pest issue, you need to use a chemical designed for flea treatments. You also want to vacuum and clean your carpets to help remove the fleas, larva and eggs from your carpeting as well.

Bed Bugs

If you are finding small bug bites on your legs, hands, arms, neck and face, then you may a different type of infestation. Bed bugs will bite any exposed skin they can find. The problem with bed bugs is that you normally do not see them because they are small and flat, which allows them to hide very easily.

Some people even mistake bed bug bites for flea or mosquito bites, because they look similar. Another misconception is that bed bugs just live in and around beds. These insects can live in most plush environments which can include thick carpeting, mattresses and upholstered furniture.

To figure out if bed bugs are causing your problem, you want to search around your bedding and upholstered furniture for small reddish-brown spots and small insect eggshells. Another sign that these pests are in your home is the musty odor they excrete from their body and leave on your bedding or furniture.

If it turns out that bed bugs are in your home, your best course of action is to clean everything with high heat and hire an exterminator. Bed bugs are very difficult to eliminate because they can hide in very small places. For more information, contact Ace Walco & Sons Termite & Pest Control or a similar company.