Quartz sand--also commonly referred to as silica sand--is a type of sand that's primarily used in landscaping. Many homeowners don't realize that quartz sand can be used as a simple and affordable solution to a number of common landscaping problems. Specifically, there are four innovative uses for quartz sand that you may have never thought of, but that could very well come in handy in your own yard. 

Supporting a Retaining Wall

One challenge people tend to run into when building retaining walls is that of building on a firmly compacted plot of soil so as to avoid shifting of the wall over time. Here, quartz sand can come in handy when it is mixed into the existing soil and compacted down with a ground tamper. This will help to create a more flat and stable area on which to build the retaining wall, allowing it to retain its structural integrity for longer. 

Protecting Plants in Desert Gardens

When it rains in the desert, the sand and soil found around many desert gardens is not very efficient when it comes to draining. As a result, plants can easily become water logged and die. By mixing in some quartz sand with the existing sand or soil, the garden will drain more quickly following heavy rains, giving plants a fighting chance at survival in the harsh desert climate. Not to mention, quartz sand has the added benefit of not affecting the pH balance of the existing soil.

Creating Proper Drainage Slopes

Quartz sand can also come in handy when there is a need for a sloped surface. This is common on residential properties when a specific grade of slope is needed for better draining of water away from a home's foundation. Due to the great compacting abilities of quartz sand, this can be mixed in with the existing soil to create a stable slope that will seamlessly carry rain water and other drainage away from the home. 

Increasing Soil Drainage Around Trees

Finally, because trees especially rely on well draining soil to survive, quartz sand (mixed with organic matter and garden soil) is a winning recipe for thriving trees. For previously planted trees that appear to be lacking nutrients, amending the existing soil with some quartz sand can make all the difference and may even save a tree from dying, making this type of sand a versatile and excellent landscaping material for a number of reasons. Contact a company like Burien Bark LLC for more information.