Patio awnings are so often used just to cover and cool patios that people forget that these cloth-draped devices can cover and cool so much more. The fact is, if you can get an awning installer to place the awnings in another place, you can use them for several alternative purposes. Here are just a few of those alternative purposes.

Covering and Deflecting Sunlight from Big Picture Windows

If you have a big picture window built into the part of your home that faces the sun for at least half the day, you undoubtedly have far too much heat and light coming through that window into the room. To reduce the costs of air conditioning this space, you can install an awning over this big window instead. The awning can retract after the sun has passed halfway overhead and the heat and rays no longer effect your home. If this window faces west, you can extend the awning at lunch time to block the sun until it sets. You still get a little bit of light all day, but not the glaring blast you were getting before you installed the awning over your big picture window.

Providing Shade over Your Porch Swing

A nice, big porch swing or garden swing is a lovely thing to have. You and/or some company can relax and visit on your porch swing, even if that swing is freestanding and in your yard instead of on the porch. Regardless of where the swing is located, it may be more comfortable for you and guests to install an awning over the top of the swing. There are ways that an awning installer can manage this without the awning looking clunky or out of place, and the finished result is a nice shady spot where everyone can sit and swing.

Creating Your Own Personal Pool Cabana

If you have a nice, large, rectangular pool in your backyard, it is probably begging for some shade. You can build up a fence around the pool and then attach retractable awnings to the fence poles. When all of the awnings are unfurled, you get a very nice "cabana" appearance that looks just like the resort pools you see in travel brochures. If that many awnings is a little to rich for your tastes, you could just install enough awnings to reach across one side or one end of the pool, providing you and your friends with a cool, shady spot out of the hot sun when you are just relaxing poolside at home.

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