If you are in the market for a set of new window blinds for your home, you may wonder what you can do with the ones you are replacing. Instead of clogging up landfills by throwing blinds away, consider reusing them in thrifty ways around your home. Here are some fun ways to utilize the plastic slats of your old window blinds in your home.

Organize Your Belongings With Drawer Dividers

If you have large dresser drawers in your bedroom, allow window blinds to come to the rescue in helping you organize your items. Cut two or three plastic slats to fit the width of a shallow dresser drawer. Cut a slit in the middle of each of these slats, stopping the cut before it cuts the slats in half. Slide a longer slat cut to the length of the drawer into the cuts on the smaller slats. This will help keep the smaller ones in place. Slide this apparatus inside your drawer. This will separate the area into six or eight sections to help you organize your items in each space.

Find Vegetables With Ease With Garden Labels

If you enjoy gardening, there is a chance you forget what vegetables you plant until they start emerging from the ground. To help keep your garden in order, using labels can be a great way to know what you had planted and when you had planted it. Cut several window blind slats into pieces about a foot long. Use a permanent marker to write down the name of the vegetable (or fruit or flower) as well as the date you had planted the seeds in the ground on each slat. The slats can be pushed vertically into the ground near the appropriate planted seeds so you can identify them as they grow. Make sure not to write on the bottom few inches of each slat so the text is not covered up by soil after you push the labels into the ground.

Make A Decorative Starburst Mirror To Enjoy

Construct a flower-shaped mirror backing with your old window blind slats. Place one slat on top of another and hold the slats at the exact center of the horizontal pieces. Slowly rotate the top slat an inch or two in either direction while keeping the middle portion centered over the slat below it. Glue the bottom of the top slat to the top of the bottom slat where they rest upon each other in the middle portion. Repeat this procedure until you have a full circle of slats. It will appear like a flower. Glue a circular mirror to the top of the center of the slats and hang from your bedroom wall for an interesting conversation piece. If desired, paint the slats with a bright color before you carry out the gluing process.

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