When you think of wallpaper, you may remember a wall in your grandparent's home or in other old homes you've visited. If you haven't thought about using wallpaper in your home today, you may want to think again. Wallpaper in trendy prints such as trellis, Moroccan, and chevron or even graffiti prints and murals would look great on any accent wall in your home. See below for other ways you can use wallpaper to update your home.

Pantry Wallpaper

Give your blah pantry a bold new look by using wallpaper on the walls of your pantry. Paint your shelves white to really make the wallpaper pop. Use a smaller, trendy print in a color that matches or complements your kitchen. Think of it as an accent to your kitchen when choosing a color. If you change up your paint colors often, you may want to choose a wallpaper color that is a little more neutral and will match any paint color, such as a tan or gray.

Stair Wallpaper

No, not for the stairwell itself—use the wallpaper as an accent on your stair riser. Obviously this would be for stairs that do not have carpeting on them already. Use a smaller yet bold-colored print to give your stairs a colorful yet eye-pleasing look. You can paint the top of the stair white or stain it if you are worried about too much foot traffic wearing out the paint. 


Add some flair to a boring ceiling by using wallpaper. Use the wallpaper this way in a child's bedroom or a nursery to give it a whimsical feel. Choose a fun print with birds, animals, or even the alphabet on it. 


Line the back of a bookshelf with wallpaper to add color and interest. This works for open shadow boxes hung on the walls as well. It's an easy way to bring more color to an otherwise boring room without needing to paint.

Using wallpaper is a simple way to bring in color, texture, print, and added design to your home without painting or stenciling to achieve the same look. Wallpaper is easy to install, with most wallpapers being pre-pasted, and they're also simple to take off using a steamer. Wallpaper today is definitely not the same as what your grandparents had in their homes. Contact a representative from a company like D. Schultz Interiors to learn about your many wallpaper options.