If you find your fiberglass stained, or it no longer matches the decor after a redesign, refinish it. Fiberglass tubs maximize space, but they are inclined to stain faster. Refinishing a fiberglass tub is an cost-effective way to update the look, and it is simple enough for a beginning DIY enthusiast to do. Here are some tips to refinish a fiberglass tub.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need:

  • safety wear (work gloves, eye protection, respirator)
  • sponges
  • paper towels
  • bleach
  • acetone
  • tack cloth
  • painter's tape
  • tarp or plastic
  • putty knife
  • grout brush
  • epoxy
  • caulk and caulk gun
  • fan
  • fiberglass tub refinishing kit ( sandpaper, resin, paint, trays, roller, brushes)

Avoid refinishing the tub in high humidity. Take periodic breaks, and keep the room ventilated by opening a window, or running a fan.

Remove as many fixtures as you can, and cover the drain or what you can't remove with painter's tape. Spread tarp or plastic on the floor and on walls near the tub. Sponge excess water from the tub.

Clean and Sand

Remove soap scum with diluted bleach and a clean sponge. Use acetone on oily stains.

Spread epoxy on nicks and holes with a putty knife, and let it dry. The color of the epoxy doesn't matter, since you will paint over it.

Paint won't stick to caulk. Scrape old caulking from the edges of the tub with a grout brush to avoid scratching the tub surface, wipe the area with rubbing alcohol, then let it dry. Gently sand the surface of the tub until the veneer has worn off; and clean sand dust with the tack cloth.


Mix the paint according to the kit's instructions. The kit should come with epoxy paint or acrylic paint. Epoxy paint and acrylic paint work best on fiberglass tubs, because they are stain resistant.

Epoxy paint requires a mix of a catalyst or activator to harden the resin, then a base coat. Resin adds a glossy finish.

Use paint brushes to apply tow or three thin coats of paint in tight areas, and apply paint to the larger areas with the paint roller. Allow the coats to dry. Smooth drips by rubbing a paper towel dampened with acetone over the area.

Remove the painter's tape before the paint dries. Reattach the fixtures, and caulk the tub again. Use a caulk gun to apply caulk to the tub edges.

Your fiberglass tub will look updated with a simple paint job. If you are considering a complete bathroom overhaul, and you need some ideas, contact a bathroom design consultant. To learn more, contact a company like Bath Planet Inc