The installation of your new carpet is quite exciting, considering that it has the power to give a room a whole new look. Before the installers arrive, though, you will need to prepare for your new carpet. The following tips can help you get ready so that your installation day goes as smoothly as possible.

Tip #1: Close off rooms

It's a good idea to close off any rooms that will not be receiving new carpet. This is because removal of the old carpet and installation of the new can result in a lot of dust. You may also want to close the vents going into the closed-off rooms so that dust doesn't blow into them via the HVAC system during installation. Don't turn off the HVAC system or tape off the ducts, though. Your installers will need to maintain the right temperature in the home to ensure the adhesives used during installation cure properly.

Tip #2: Move your furniture

It's best to remove your furniture before the carpet installers arrive unless you have specifically requested moving services from your installer so you know they are included. Don't simply move the furniture to the nearest non-carpeted surface, either, since this can block the installers as they try to maneuver around the installation area. If possible, move items into an unused room or outdoors to a protected area.

Tip #3: Prepare a staging area

Your installers will need an area where they can lay out the carpet for measuring and cutting. While this can be inside if you have a large and empty room, often the cutting is done outdoors. A covered and paved patio is optimal, since it is protected from weather and right off the house. The second best choice is the driveway. Make sure your chosen staging area is clear and well swept, and that the path to and from the area is clear and easy to traverse.

Tip #4: Secure your pets and children

Pets should either be taken off the premises during installation or kept in a closed-off room. Children, especially young children, must be supervised and kept well away from the work area. If possible, plan to have the children out of the house during the installation. A lot of dust can be kicked up, which can pose breathing issues in young children or those with compromised health.

If you need more help, contact a carpet installer in your area, such as Carpet Weaver's.