A set of brick steps leading up to one of your home's exterior doors can offer plenty of curb appeal. Over the years, however, the look and functionality of the brick steps may suffer — perhaps to the point that you're worried about this fixture being a safety hazard for your family and your visitors. Instead of looking to replace the structure with a different type of steps, you can hire a masonry repair service to deal with any issues that are present — essentially giving the set of steps a complete makeover. Here are three specific ways that a masonry repair service can fix a problematic set of brick steps.

1. Replace Loose or Missing Bricks

As a set of brick steps ages, some of the bricks can come loose. You may notice that there are some loose bricks along the leading edge of each of the steps, for example. Perhaps this is the result of people stepping on them countless times over the years. Loose or missing bricks are often the biggest safety hazard in a set of brick steps, as either scenario could cause someone to trip and fall. Your masonry repair professional will replace any missing bricks with new bricks that are a proper match. They can also reattach any loose bricks, or simply remover or replace them if they're cracked and not worth reusing.

2. Rectify Sagging Issues

It's also possible that one side of your brick steps could be sagging. There are multiple reasons that the steps might be facing this issue, but poor construction and heavy use are a pair of potential culprits. Additionally, if you live in an area that gets cold conditions in the winter, freezing and thawing can cause many outdoor structures to shift and settle. If one side of the set of steps is sagging, your masonry repair professional may have to dismantle much of the structure before firming up the foundation beneath it and then rebuilding it.

3. Replace Failed Mortar

As a set of brick steps ages, the mortar can often develop cracks that weaken the overall structure. Loose bricks are often the result of mortar problems. As the mortar crumbles, it will no longer hold the bricks in place. If the mortar has issues but the bricks haven't loosened yet, you can be sure that they will before long. When you bring this problem to the attention of your masonry repair service, it will replace the mortar wherever necessary to rebuild the structural integrity of the steps. Talk to a masonry repair company like A-1 Rooftop Chimney Sweep if you are dealing with this and other issues outside of your home.