When you shop for a wooden TV cabinet, you'll find that there are two general designs to consider. One is a low cabinet with shelving under the surface where the TV sits, while the other is a larger unit that often comes with storage on each side of the TV and a shelf across the top of the unit. There are unquestionable benefits to the former design, but it's important to give serious consideration to the style of cabinet that surrounds the TV. Here are some advantages to choosing this type of product.

1. Additional Storage

Perhaps the most important reason to choose a TV cabinet that surrounds the TV is that it offers you more storage space than a smaller unit. This is especially relevant to people who have large collections of DVDs that they wish to store in the cabinet. A low cabinet can look stylish, but it won't often provide more than a few drawers or shelves. A unit that surrounds the TV will have multiple shelves and drawers below the TV and on each side of it. You'll likely have more than enough space to store your DVD collection, but you may also have space for books, photo albums, collectibles, and a wide range of other items.

2. Less Enticing to Children

If you have young children, you might have reservations about buying a TV cabinet in which the screen sits just a short distance off the floor. The sight of the bright screen is captivating to many children, which can often prompt them to touch the screen — leaving finger smudges behind. Such a scenario could mean that you'd need to clean these marks off the TV multiple times a week. With a TV cabinet that surrounds the TV, you'll often find that the screen sits higher off the floor and just out of range for small children.

3. Visually Appealing Wall Coverage

One of the challenges that you can face with a low TV cabinet is that you can have a sizable amount of bare wall showing above the TV. This blank space can often look awkward. It can also be challenging to find the right piece of art or wall decor to hang immediately over the TV. With a larger unit that surrounds the TV, you'll find that you no longer have this issue and may appreciate how this piece of furniture covers the wall in a stylish way.

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