If you're like most homeowners, one of the last things you want to see in your home interior is evidence that rodents have accessed your home. Common signs that you need to call a mice control service include mice droppings in cupboards, drawers, behind furniture, and other places where mice might hide, signs that the contents of your indoor trash receptacle have been disturbed, and scratching sounds coming from walls and cabinets. Keep in mind that rodents are not solitary creatures — whenever you see one or two, there are bound to be many more lurking in the shadows. Signs that rodent populations have reached the point where a mice extermination service is the only viable solution include a strong, foul odor, the abundance of droppings in several parts of the home, and seeing rodents during the day. 

Most people are aware that they should keep their homes clear of household trash and keep pet food and staples such as flour and sugar in sealed containers, but the first line of defense concerning rodent invasions starts outside the home. Here's what you need to do to minimize the chances of rodents accessing your home interior:

Seal Up Outbuildings

Most homeowners already know that it's necessary to seal up any possible openings on the home exterior in order to keep rodents out, but many people neglect to seal up outbuildings as well. Even though mice and rats can't directly access your home interior via a storage shed or other outbuilding, having the shelter available allows them to breed in relative comfort and build up their populations. Having a large population of rodents near your home increases the chances of them getting inside. All it takes is one small pregnant mouse slipping through the door or window unnoticed to start a population explosion in your home. 

Cut Back Vegetation

Vegetation such as bushes and flowers also provide prime rodent habitat — even in the winter when most plants lose their leaves. Keeping fallen leaves cleaned up and shrubbery trimmed back at least three feet from your home exterior will go a long way toward keeping rodents out of your house. Don't forget to keep tree branches trimmed back — if you've got a two or three-story house, rodents can slip in by climbing a tree and going through an open upstairs window. 

Keep your Garage Clutter-Free and Clean

Once rodents have set up shop in your garage, you may as well open the door and invite them into the rest of your home. Keeping your garage clean and clutter-free helps circumvent this scenario. If you notice rodents in your garage, that's probably a sign of a serious infestation that requires a mice control service as soon as possible. 

Contact a local mice extermination service to get rid of the mice in your home.