Windmills often have a purpose like moving water or generating power, but solar leaf windmills tend to be more aesthetic or are a visual art piece you can install in your garden or yard. The designs vary, and often you can find some that create noise much like a wind chime when they are spinning; however, they do not typically have a function beyond enjoyment.

Choosing Your Windmill

Because solar leaf windmills are created with an artistic flair in mind, there are many different styles to choose from, and the one you choose can be hand-selected to fit the landscape or gardens outside your home. The color, the placement, the material the windmill is made from, and the size of the windmill can all play a role in the final selection process.

If you are looking for these windmills from local artisans, talk to the artist about designs that catch your eye. Sometimes the story behind why the artist created the solar leaf windmill can make it as alluring as the work itself.

Installing Your Windmill

Once you have selected the perfect solar leaf windmill for your yard or garden, you will need to choose the right location for it to be set up and secured. Some of these windmills just push into the soil with a long support pole, so all you need to do is pick the spot and push it into the ground deep enough to support the windmill. 

Heavier designs may need additional support, and you may need some extra material to support the weight and movement of the blades as they spring in the wind. If you are unsure how to install your solar leaf windmill, you can get a landscape contractor or handyman to come to your home and put it in place.

Windmills As Art

Because solar leaf windmills are so interesting to watch and artistic in their design, some people will have multiple windmills in their yard throughout the spring, summer, and fall. They can be set up around the property to add some flair to it for people passing the area, and they may attract wildlife and birds because of the colors and sounds they make. 

Placing the windmills too close to feeders and birdbaths can distract the birds, so give them a little space, but don't be afraid to put them in places where birds and other creatures can see them. You may even find birds landing on the windmills when they visit your yard or garden, but often just for a minute or two on the way to the food and water you provide. 

Installing several solar leaf windmills that contrast each other is also a great way to appeal to the artistic eye and create an almost opposite feeling between the two that works artistically, but only if that appeals to your artistic style.