Do you have a window that you want to cover with a window film? This could be a bathroom window that you want to cover with a frosted window film for privacy, or a large living room window to cut back on the amount of light that comes through. Thankfully, the process of installing a window film on your own is something that you can do on your own. Here are a few tips for installing window film.

Measure The Window

You'll start by measuring the window so that you can get a window film that is the right size. Ideally, the window film should be large enough to cover the window in a single piece so that you do not create any seams by fitting two pieces together. If you have a very large window, you may need to custom order window film that is large enough.

Cut The Window Film

The window film should be cut in a way so that it is slightly bigger than the window that you are covering. Give yourself about an extra inch of room on all sides. You can trim the window film later to get it to the exact size, and it gives you less room for error. 

Wet The Window

You should use a spray bottle with soapy water and spray down the window. You want to completely cover the window so that the film can stick to the glass. Don't worry about the soap bubbles being trapped under the glass, since you'll be getting rid of them later.

Use A Squeegee On The Film

The next step will be to use a squeegee and get out all of the soap and air bubbles from underneath the film. You'll want to make sure that there are no air bubbles underneath the film since they will be stuck there. It will take some time, but you need to get the film to form a solid seal on the glass. Be prepared to go over the film multiple times with a squeegee.

Trim The Film

With the window film in place, you can now carefully trim the edges with a razor blade. You'll need to place a flat edge against the side of the frame so that you will protect any caulking material. Then, run the razor blade along the flat edge to create a clean line. This will help create a professional and clean look to your window film