If you have been noticing signs of a mouse infestation inside of your home, you want to take proactive steps to eradicate them in their entirety. There are several actions that aid in eliminating rodents effectively. 

Find The Areas Where Mice Are Getting Inside  

To reduce the number of mice that are able to get inside your home, you need to evaluate the exterior for spots they are using as entryways to the inside. Take a detailed look at your home's siding for damaged portions and repair or replace them if needed. Make sure there are no large gaps around windows or under doors. Check that roofing materials are intact and that there are no voids present that mice could use as tunnels to the inside.

Remove Any Attractions From Your Yard

If you eliminate favorable items from your property, mice will seek out other areas to search for them. Make sure you have no standing water sources nearby or cover them when they are not in use. Refrain from feeding birds or smaller animals so mice are not tempted to eat their food supply. Move piles of wood to spots far enough from your home that they will cause inhabitants to be unaware of your structure.

Keep The Interior Of Your Home Clean

In addition to tending to your outdoor areas, the inside needs constant cleaning to reduce food and water sources for pests. Tidy up the inside of your home constantly so crumbs are not left behind. A clean home also allows you to notice mouse droppings more easily, helping you to locate their nesting areas more easily.

Use Traps To Capture Or Kill Rodents

If you find that the number of mice in your home is too great to reduce with home checking and repair work, you may want to set down traps in key areas. Humane traps allow mice to crawl inside containers so they can be relocated after they are discovered. Snap or glue traps will kill mice that get too close to them. Place traps in dark areas in corners or along the perimeters of rooms that mice are known to use regularly.

Contact A Professional For Help

If you are unable to eliminate mice using the above steps, it is best to make a call to a pest control service for assistance. A professional will assess your home for signs of mice and take the appropriate steps to trap and eradicate them completely. This includes using chemical agents in some cases. Be sure to inquire about the different means of trapping used, and specify whether you would like non-chemical methods taken.

Contact mice control services to learn more.