If your patio is little more than a concrete slab, adding a beautiful pergola will enhance its use and appearance. Whether your patio is large or small, a pergola is a durable and easy-to-maintain patio cover that will help you make the most of your patio, whether you love to entertain or simply enjoy spending quiet evenings outdoors. With all the varieties of pergolas available, you are sure to find one that suits your style. 

Add natural beauty to your home

There are several materials you can choose from for a pergola, and they will all add natural beauty to your home. Hardwood, softwood, fiberglass, and vinyl are all options for pergolas. The style you choose will depend on the look you want to create.

Wood pergolas are popular due to their natural beauty and are a good fit for a rustic or country look. Fiberglass and vinyl pergolas will match a modern or contemporary style home well. However, any of these materials can be used regardless of your decorating style.

Increase your home's value

With the popularity of outdoor living in today's world, having a great outdoor space can be a big selling point for a home. A pergola will not go unnoticed and can take your home's curb appeal to a new level. If you want to attract potential buyers, a pergola is up to the task.

Maximize your outdoor space

A pergola helps you maximize your living area by creating an additional outdoor space for entertaining or relaxing with your family. A pergola helps to define your patio area and provides protection from the elements. You can add curtains to the side of your pergola for privacy or to dress up the space.

Go vertical with gardening

If you enjoy growing flowers or vegetable plants, adding a pergola to your patio makes it easy to garden by simply stepping outside your door. A pergola will provide a place for trailing plants to grow and gives you plenty of space to display hanging baskets. Using plants with a wooden pergola will help you create an outdoor environment that fits right in with nature.

With the addition of a beautiful pergola to your existing patio, you will instantly up the curb value of your home. Pergolas get attention and will complement any style of home. If you are looking for a practical and pretty patio cover option, a pergola will not disappoint.

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